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Much of my career has been centered in packaging design and production of several industries, companies, and agencies. Sara Lee; Art director for 13 years. Bakery goods boxes and bags, food photography direction, supporting marketing materials, worked with vendors, and printers. Agency Clients: Royal Canin; Dog and cat food bags. Esté Lauder; Boxes, Walgreens, Dickey’s BBQ Pit, and Trader Joe’s flavored bean can labels and trays. My Clients: Green As It Gets and Brand Maven; Fertilizer and Soil Treatment bags, labels, and shelf talkers. Solu; Feline Urinary Health boxes and display trays. Veggie Bee; Garden Pollinator boxes, website, and marketing materials. For all projects, I designed and laid out artwork on dielines. Collaborated with clients other creatives, writers, photographers, retouchers, prepress, printers, etc. Designing and working as a team to create a packages that are effective has always been my passion.


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